Tummy Tonic


A CAREFULLY SELECTED BLEND OF 100% NATURAL HERBS AND BOTANICALS TARGETED to support THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE TUMMIES WHO NEED A LITTLE EXTRA help. Contains the fibrous psyllium husk to aid digestion, marshmallow, star anise and ginger for their soothing properties along with pre & probiotics to support gut health.  |  180ml

compostable packaging DigestionPre & Pro BioticGeneral HealthMade in BritainChemical Free

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100% compostable pouch / Just chuck our pretty clever little bag in the compost or the paper recycling when it’s empty.

100% compostable sleeve / printed on ‘Earth Pact’ cardboard made from 100% agricultural waste (leaves & stems) with 100% green energy.

We don’t believe in trashing the planet with plastic any more than we do feeding our dogs unhealthy, artificial rubbish. yeah it’s not the easiest or most lucrative way for us to do things, but we passionately believe companies should take responsibility and make the effort.




fennel, star anise, psyllium husk, marshmallow root, ginger, pre & probiotics



feeding instructions

Add to food, or mix with a little water to form a paste if adding to dry food.

Under 15kg / 0.5 tsp
15-30kg / 1 tsp
30-50kg / 1.5 tsp
50kg+ / 2 tsp

.2 kg


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