inspired by dogs who know all about natural nutrition

in 2013, eating enthusiasts and Rhodesian Ridgebacks Louis & Ada inspired and co-founded Naturaw, producing a much renowned high quality, ethically & environmentally conscious raw food.

Naturaw stands as a testament to them and their need for a highest quality fresh raw food diet free from artificial ingredients, grains, processed stuff and any other nonsense. But as a further part of their legacy, when we decided to expand our same principles to other natural nutrition products (treats, botanical supplements) we just had to name our new brand directly after them. Louis & Ada was born.

If you’re feeding a fresh, natural diet you’ll know that equally natural treats can be a little hard to come by. Take a look at the ingredients list on many treats found on the average shelf, and chances are there will be fillers, chemicals, meat from half way around the world and things you can’t even pronounce. We set out to change that using only meat sourced from British farms, and using no grains, preservatives, additives or anything else whatsoever.

The products have been a long time in development as mirroring our principles from our raw food products we insisted on totally compostable packing, which somewhat outrageously is not something readily or easily available in the year 2020. In truth the easier and more lucrative option would have been to bash out a range of treats in plastic packaging, or even the dubious ‘biodegradable’ offerings touted by many (more on that here) but this stuff is incredibly important to us, more so than ever as it bears Louis & Ada’s name. We painstakingly researched and created the packaging from the ground up, from materials to the designs themselves.

Our website, packaging, social media and all other material is dedicated to them, their friends, family and colleague dogs. (with this many good looking dogs around we’ll never use a stock photo).

Louis and Ada have shaped both our lives and the lives of all the dogs who are now thriving eating Naturaw food. They’re incredibly special to us, and as such you can trust our product range implicitly, because we wouldn’t put their name on anything that was anything less than perfect.