In a nutshell

A range of totally natural treats made from meat from British farms, just dried and put into our clever little bags (more on them here). It sounds pretty easy really, but you would be surprised how many others manage to make a right ol’ dogs dinner of it by using unethically sourced meat from half way around the world, or adding a load of processed nonsense our beloved dogs shouldn‘t be consuming.

our process

We love our dogs dearly and spend countless hours making sure they get the best quality fresh (in our case raw) food diet possible. Inevitably in between meals they deserve treating, but we found that it was frustratingly difficult to find treats that didn’t undo the work you were doing cutting nasty/unethical stuff out of their diet. It was therefore only natural (see what we did there?) that we applied our skill and knowledge in the dog food department to develop a range of equally tasty and healthy treats to spoil them with too!

Our treats are made from British meat, no grain, no gluten, no colours, no dyes, no bleach (yes some treats have bleach), nothing you cant pronounce, basically no anything except the natural stuff.

Plastic free packaging

We have an unparalleled commitment to sustainability, we care deeply about the effect our business has on the planet and doing our utmost to mitigate that is a huge part of who we are as business. Our entire range is packed in plastic free, 100% compostable packaging. Read more here.