A gentle helping paw

The key to a healthy, happy dog starts with feeding a natural, fresh diet. We don’t believe in throwing every single supplement at every single dog in every single meal in their food, but sometimes you may want to target a specific problem with some extra natural support. Calling on natures’ pharmacy, our range of botanical support powders have been meticulously developed to support your dog from the inside out. We’ve carefully selected blends of herbs and botanicals to target common ailments. Introducing our natural tonics to support Teeth/Breath, Skin, Tummy/Digestion and the Senior Dog.

Healthy dogs, from the inside out

We strongly believe gut health has a huge impact on overall well being and can be the root cause of so many issues in dogs (and humans) so we have included both pre & probiotics in every support powder. With this in mind, these powders are absolutely best fed alongside a wholesome fresh diet, after all you are what you eat!